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Discover Mediaworks is a strategic communications & media production company rooted in the heart of the Midwest. This blog will highlight some of our client success stories, corporate updates, and an inside look into the roles of our crew!

The Digital Age: Adapt or Be Forgotten

It’s that time of year when the new year’s Yellow Pages is released. Pulling my mere ¼ inch thick Sun Prairie/DeForest Guide, two things came quickly to mind. First: gone are the days when you could use the thickly bound book as a booster seat for your youngster. The current version is stapled like a church bulletin and with 4 columns of names and numbers per page, I am certain you will need your readers. I did. Second: how far and fast the digital world came in and swept advertising as we once knew it.   Sure, the advertising tool has a rich history. The name and concept of “yellow pages” dates back to 1883, when a printer in Cheyenne, WY, was working on a telephone directory and ran out of white paper so he used yellow instead. Three years later, Reuben Donnelley came out with the first official Yellow Pages which generated revenue through sales of advertising slots in the book. For a generation before google became part of our vocabulary, the phonebook was a right of passage and a means of surviving the day-to-day. Need a plumber — quick, turn to the phone book!   These days we find numbers more swiftly through “search” and while the original Yellow Pages ended its print version in 2019, the few remaining versions like The Real Yellow Pages that coins itself as “the original search engine” are in the the process of becoming full-service digital marketing agencies, in an effort to [...]

Digital-First Tool #4: Endless Innovation

In our last digital series on, “Reasons to go Digital-First”, we discussed the importance of keeping up with the times as the world quickly transitions to digital delivery. The series emphasizes DMW’s belief that being nimble and swiftly adapting to change to become vital to the success of a business. Businesses that are open to changes in a media-driven society are finding more success than others who aren’t. As a result, it has become necessary to endlessly innovate. Technologies and consumer-behaviors will never cease to develop and expand, so companies must do the same. Through innovation, you can increase your chances to respond to these changes all the while being exposed to new opportunities. By endlessly innovating, you are immediately given an advantage over other online competitors. Constantly altering and improving your business operations also presents a plethora of other benefits to your business as a whole. Some examples of these are: more efficiently productively creating and testing new ideas, rapid revenue increases due to constantly fitting your targets’ demands, significant reductions in the length of time required to enhance products and services, overall advancements in quality and stronger dependability towards consumers. In the end, it is important to prioritize not being a company that lets opportunity pass, but working towards being an innovative one. At DMW, we can help you learn to constantly innovate. Contact for any inquiries!

Digital-First Tool #3: The 6 P’s

The next tool in your “Digital-First Toolkit” that we will discuss is “The 6 P’s”. This is a tool we formed at DMW while launching headfirst into the digital world. We have whole heartily utilized it here for our own brands and for the brands we work with. Our clients and our team have found it to be greatly applicable from the initial digital-first shift to today. We have created the “6 P’s” to our own digital footprint! Pulse Purpose Pivot Pace Partnerships People  Pulse relates to the overall “landscape” of our business. By better understanding and monitoring our “pulse”, we can gain a stronger foothold on our next steps In an ever-changing world, this is critical to keep tabs on what is happening around us and how it affects our business decisions and offerings. Purpose relates to the core of our work. Through our expertise and unique value, we can more deeply understand our ultimate objectives and how they relate to our main vision. We have a purpose and a role in the worldwide digital shift we are living within. Pivot has to do with one’s ability to observe and adjust based on changing circumstances. If something shifts, you must be able to strategically adapt, essentially increasing your reach. While DMW pivoted, so did each of our team members and clients! Pace relates to our “rate of movement”. By being strategic with our timing, one can work to amplify their relevance. Partnerships relate to making use of your connections, [...]

Digital-First Tool #2: Employee Communication

 TOOL #2: Employee Communication   The second tool in your “Digital-First Toolkit is learning effective employee communication before and throughout your digital strategy implementation. Here, we will begin to explore two aspects of employee communication. First, we will consider why it is necessary to communicate concisely with your team during this shift. It is important to hold effective internal communication by keeping constant communication with your team and offering them frequent updates. Essentially, carefully communicating your transition to digital-first will make sure that everybody knows what’s happening and you can be assured that everyone will be kept in the loop. Additionally, this will encourage aligning your employees with your ultimate business objectives, on top of allowing you to build trust among your team during these changing and challenging times. Overall, make sure not to leave your employees in the dark to avoid a lack of productivity and to improve engagement.  Remember, we are living in the “wild west” of technology.  Things are changing quickly.  Creating a flexible team that is nimble and works organically as you grow your business is the key to great success.  Encouraging them to learn and share new insights on an ongoing basis is also important.  Incorporate “trends” and weave digital-first conversations into every work meeting. The second aspect of employee communication we will explore is tangible ways to successfully communicate with your employees during your digital-first movement. First of all, you must be very clear about your expectations and business objectives. You should also prioritize [...]

Digital-First Tool #1: Digitization to Digitalization

 TOOL #1: Digitization to Digitalization   The first tool in your “Digital-First Toolkit” is learning how to make the shift to productive digitalization in your business. Now that you are ready to go digital, it’s important to realize one thing: digitalization can’t be done without digitization. You can’t begin to work in the digital realm unless your assets are digitized!  You may be wondering what the difference is exactly between the two. Digitization can be defined as the initial shift from paper-based operations to digital operations or automation of your business processes. On the other hand, digitalization can be defined as your business’s actual use of these digitized resources to ultimately achieve your business objectives, such as building revenue, actually enhancing business, and creating a digital identity. Essentially, digitalization is important to achieve because it offers businesses many great outcomes, including digital maturity. And while our Toolkit will focus on what happens next and the powerful ways to harness digitalization, you should move forward knowing the good things you have done by saving resources, reducing the carbon footprint, and staying up with the way of the world.  Being on the right page at the right time allows for quicker and greater success. Once you have made the shift from digitization to digitalization, there are a few things to make sure of. As a constantly functioning business, it’s important to learn to move from one to the other in practice. Make sure to take advantage of the material you learned from [...]

Reasons to Think Digital First When Marketing: #10 Company Alignment

 #10 Company Alignment   “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” - James Cash Penney Over the course of the past few weeks, we discussed 9 different reasons as to why you should go “Digital-First”. Those we went over were:  Global Reach Pictures Speak Louder Than Words The Increasing Importance of Data Cord Cutters Want Free TV The Wild West The Difference Between Then and Now  Amplify the Customer Experience Build Your Digital Identity Prepare for Future Uncertainties (Be Prepared for Anything)  And today, we’re going to talk about the last, and arguably most important reason: #10. Ensuring company alignment, whether it’s through your content or your business strategies. Before deciding to actually implement a digital-first approach, you need to make sure it aligns with your business strategies and goals. One way you can make sure of this is to look through all of the aforementioned reasons above, and see how they would be integrated into your company. Let’s look at building your digital identity as an example. It’s not enough to simply put your company out there on every social media platform and digital forum you find/ know is popular. It is just as important to figure out where exactly your target market will be, and then focus your energies there. Rather than being overly spread out, it’s smarter to prioritize and more strongly develop your brand on fewer platforms. This will ultimately allow you to build your digital identity most efficiently [...]

Reasons to Think Digital First When Marketing: #9 Be Prepared For Anything

 #9 Be Prepared For Anything   “It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not to be prepared.” - Les Brown    At Discover Mediaworks, we daily recognize the importance of preparing for anything and everything. At the end of the day, you can plan and plan, but never really get anywhere without preparation. Preparation is just as, if not more, important as planning. No matter how much you plan, if you don’t “prepare”, you will never truly be ready.  Let’s reflect on COVID-19. The arrival of this pandemic hurt so many companies, even leading some to their demise, sadly because of not being prepared.  While people are rarely prepared for a worldwide shutdown, as businesses we all could have been utilizing other means of communication beyond face-to-face since the technology was already there.  More than ever before, people began to spend their time online, yet many businesses weren’t there to meet them. Some companies, often those who were less prepared, failed to meet their customers' demands of a seamless online forum where they could continue to interact with their favorite companies, from the safety and comfort of their own home.  As a result, these companies strayed off-track, especially in comparison to their better-prepared counterparts who had their digital presence up and running before the worst of COVID-19 hit.   All they had to do was expand their offering and grow organically with the ever-changing lifestyle created by COVID-19 mandates. [...]

Internships: Why You Should Begin Your Search

 Internships: Why You Should Begin Your Search   “The expert at anything was once a beginner.” - Helen Hayes   Being an intern for a company can be a great opportunity and stepping stone for those looking for entry-level jobs. Beyond the obvious benefits of being an intern for a credible company, such as gaining valuable work experience and developing/refining your skills, something often greater that an internship can offer you is an edge in the job market (especially in a time of high competitiveness, where an edge becomes imperative). Additionally, an internship gives you the opportunity to network with professionals, inside and outside of your field, internally within the company and externally with the company’s clients. Ultimately, you are encouraged to gain confidence in the workforce, in addition to experiencing endless learning opportunities and facing limitless growth.  As a Marketing Intern at Discover Mediaworks, I was given the opportunity to truly practice my skills in an authentic setting. By being placed in a position where there were real stakes and consequences to be faced, I was able to unlock my full potential in terms of real-life work experience. From the first week, I found myself better understanding the marketing industry immensely clearer than I had only a few days prior. All of a sudden, topics and themes that were originally just units in my college classes were being utilized and brought to life.  At DMW, I was given novel responsibilities, and my abilities were fittingly tested. However, this is [...]

Reasons to Think Digital First When Marketing: #8 Build Your Digital Identity

 #8 Build Your Digital Identity   “If you want to stand out from the crowd, give people a reason not to forget you.” - Richard Branson   Another reason to prioritize going digital-first is to get a foothold in the digital world and build up your digital identity.  You have to start somewhere.  Now, what exactly does your “digital identity” refer to? Having an identity in digital media refers to owning a multichannel brand presence on platforms that your audience prefers. Last week, we talked about prioritizing your customers’ experience and working to make it as seamless as possible. Following up on that, it’s important that your company exists wherever your audience is going to be. So for starters, know who your audience is and what platforms they use.  It’s baby steps from there.  By building up your digital presence, you and your company can enjoy many benefits.  For instance, by having a large presence on social media, your current followers will start building greater trust in you.  At the same time, you are offered a greater chance of receiving new prospects. Clients can appreciate a decrease in uncertainty and an increase in confidence in your business as you tell your story socially.  There is no better word-of-mouth advertising out there!   Then grow your digital presence from there.  All the while you are strengthening your relationship with your customer and getting to know them better by analyzing the way they engage with you.  According to Flexie, by developing a strong [...]

Brand Management: Why is it Necessary in 2021?

Brand Management: Why is it Necessary in 2021? In an age of consumerism and digital media, exacerbated by COVID-19 where we saw an increase in eCommerce, all eyes are locked on a brand’s every move. This can be a great asset for brand awareness and product launches but can also easily backfire on a company if they miss the mark with their audience. You probably remember a major sports clothing company accused of insensitivity after sending a poorly worded email to participants of a marathon, or the soap company who received massive backlash from their audience for their controversial commercial. These case studies can be used to examine why the role of a brand manager is so important for brands, especially in 2021 when consumers are holding brands to higher standards and brands are more readily accessible through social media. They illustrate the need to create a brand image that all advertising efforts revolve around in order to create a brand that customers can relate to. But what exactly is a brand manager's role and what trends should brand managers be looking at in 2021?   What are Brand Managers and What Do They Do? Today’s brand managers are expected to move quickly, approve a high velocity of content, drive results, and be at the forefront of industry trends. Brand managers can usually be found working at major companies with a multitude of brands working directly with agencies or marketing departments. Their responsibilities differ from company to company, but in [...]

Reasons to Think Digital First When Marketing: #7 Amplify the Customer Experience

 #7 Amplify the Customer Experience   “The customer’s perception is your reality.” – Kate Zabriskie    Last week, we talked about how times have changed, regarding business strategies and society as a whole. We have entered a new era, where outbound marketing has come to an end, and inbound marketing has walked through our doors. Communication with customers has become a two-way street, making their opinions and perspectives more important now than ever before.  We at DMW welcome these conversations; it is how we like to do business. Nowadays, the expectation is a continual activity from brands on digital platforms, and we love the challenge. The uprising of digital media has provided businesses an opportunity that goes beyond simply meeting consumers’ anticipations and rather exceeding all expectations.  A properly executed digital plan with touchstones along the way is key to this type of success. The Digital Marketing Institute has started that, “brand interactions can now happen in real-time, affording brands and their audiences with opportunities for two-way dialogues and meaningful exchanges.” Through more relevant and consequential conversations between businesses and their clients, productivity is maximized and customers’ limitless demands can be best maintained.   “Ultimately, at DMW, we have learned how to prioritize the client, and communicate effectively; we’re ready to help you do the same for your client,” says Josh Bahe, Client Success Manager.  Subscribe to our newsletter or contact us on this page.  

Reasons to Think Digital First When Marketing: #6 The Difference Between Then and Now

 #6 The Difference Between Then and Now   “Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” —John F. Kennedy   In this day and age, change and adapting have become vital to the success of a business. The basic difference between “then and now” is that businesses that are open to changes in a media-driven society are now guaranteed more success than others who aren’t.  Times are certainly changing.  Print media has become a thing of the past and broadcast television isn’t far behind.  We live in a digital-first world.  Buzz on the streets isn’t any longer about getting home in time for Thursday evenings “Must See TV” on NBC, it’s “Every Episode.  Every Movie.  Bingeworthy TV” on Peacock+” “At DMW, it wasn’t hard to notice this shift with so many fellow Gen Zers joining our team,” says Bridget Thompson who oversees TikTok for several of our brands.  “We are native to technology, we were born with mobile phones in our hands, basically.  It’s fun to see the Zoomers interact and brainstorm with the Bombers of our 34-year-old company to create relative solutions for clients to reach their expanding audiences.” DMW is here to help you be future-forward now.  Subscribe to our newsletter or contact us on this page.  

Reasons to Think Digital First When Marketing: #5 The Wild West

 #5 The Wild West   “If we never had any storms, we couldn't appreciate the sunshine.” - Dale Evans   Social media marketing is “word of mouth” marketing at its pinnacle. What better way to reach a vast highly engaged audience.  New social networks are launching at a sometimes alarming rate in hopes of getting their slice of a huge, profitable space. Some peter out with their followers after not too long, others gain immediate traction rocket to success, while still others rebound and reappear, energized by a new base of users. “Pay attention to all platforms,” says Kylie Compe, DMW’s digital content strategist. “That is what we do at DMW; we work to align our clients' goals with the most effective social media methods at the time, not just follow trends. Because our TV brands build their audience base socially, we parlay the success we have obtained into our client’s future success." Inc. Magazine states that influencer marketing in the right area is low risk with high reward, but not by taking an educated guess.  Navigating through tumbleweed will lead to a sunny horizon; with the right digital science behind these campaigns, your brand can explode. DMW is ready to be your marketing arm.  Subscribe to our newsletter or contact us on this page.  

Reasons to Think Digital First When Marketing: #4 Cord Cutters Want Free TV

 #4 Cord Cutters Want Free TV   “The best things in life are free.” - American Proverb   Over the past few years, cable companies have continuously lost video subscribers to cord-cutting, quarter after quarter, according to  Instead of creating a retention plan to entice those customers not to cut the cord through offering cheaper cable packages, these companies are finding ways to enter the streaming game and attract new consumers with new and expanded offerings.  Think Verizon+,  Comcast+, Spectrum+.  “We are already there with our three TV brands,” says Andrew Natvig, DMW content producer, “and we have been for over a year.”  Discover Wisconsin, Into the Outdoors and Boondock Nation all have free apps on Roku, Amazon Fire, AppleTV, iOS and Android as well as through SmartTVs and Chromecast.  “Our clients benefit through placing their ads on our streaming channels reaching new audiences directly without a paywall or paid subscription,” enthuses Natvig.   DMW can develop a robust programmatic ad campaign for your business to reach users of top streaming devices who want to engage with us…and you!  Subscribe to our newsletter or contact us on this page.  

Reasons to Think Digital First When Marketing: #3 The Importance of Data

#3 The Increasing Importance of Data "A person's actions will tell you everything you need to know about them, pay attention." -Anonymous   With the rise of AI (artificial intelligence), we have more access to information on people.  The best marketers dive into that data to have greater insight into consumer behavior, attributes and preferences.  Winners will be those companies and brands that harness that superhighway of super power and hyper-target their marketing according to Forbes Magazine. “And that’s where DMW comes into play with you.  With a myriad of clients and internal brands that cross the gamut with audience and tools to reach that audience, we have historic data which can swiftly help inform your brand,” says Josh Bahe, DMW’s Client Success Manager.  “It’s all about an integrated marketing solution where your media, message, frequency and platform all come together to reach your very specific end user.” “‘Micro’ will replace ‘mass’ sooner than we know,” says Nancy A. Sheker of the in Forbes Magazine.  DMW is here to help you harness the power of numbers.  Subscribe to our newsletter or contact us on this page.  

Reasons to Think Digital First When Marketing: #2 Pictures Speak Louder than Words

#2 Pictures Speak Louder Than Words “Just Do It.” - Nike reports 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video. Plus, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text, their research shows. And why not stand out.  Show your client who you are and measure their engagement with your messaging.  “Digital communication allows you to create moving images that move the viewer, both emotionally and to take action,” suggests DMW’s CEO and President Mark C. Rose.  “And with 32 years in this business, we don’t just produce video, we create stories that attract eyeballs and pull people in.” With over 40 billion robocalls placed last year and 50% of all email received marked as SPAM, set yourself apart, digitally.  Video is showing up everywhere, especially as we are encouraged to spend less time in front of people, as an effective way to  communicate a brand’s message in B2C and B2B. Stand out and be one of the first in your industry to deliver messages, digitally! And if you or your colleagues are uncomfortable at first to be on camera, or feel you have a face for radio, let our team coach you into being the superstars that you are.   DMW is here to help you stand out in front of your audience.  Subscribe to our newsletter or contact us on [...]

Reasons to Think Digital First When Marketing: #1 Reach a Global Audience

#1 Reach a Global Audience “The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it goes out.” - John Muir Connecting to people in various locations worldwide within seconds and then interacting with them at any time is one of the greatest advantages of digital marketing says, and DMW totally agrees.  Customers no longer have to come to your storefront when they have a need, you can go to them digitally and address their needs more timely, and with the vast data digital metrics give you, more innately.  It is easier than ever to connect with a potential customer, nurture them and turn them into a life-long, loyal one, all the way tracking that journey. We have grown to be a global society with people working remotely and communicating virtually.   It’s easier than ever with technology.  And while that reach and immediacy is often overwhelming, we are still a small world after all.  You could even say the world is no bigger than a donut hole. “Check out the story of Dunkin’,” says Nicole Martin, DMW’s Head of Digital. “With a presence in 50 countries, embracing digital is more than a marketing strategy, it’s a necessity. Three years ago, the chain made waves by adapting elements of their signature product, the donut, to tailor the flavor according to the country. From seaweed sprinkles in China to Saffron icing in India, the donut spoke to people where they are at. From there, DD [...]

Production Procedures in the Midst of a Pandemic

One of the things I like about video production is being a part of a collaborative and creative team that rises to the variety of challenges that inevitably emerge on a set. Whether it is eliminating unwanted reflections on a window or modifying the height of an interview subject to line them up perfectly with a beautiful background, a good video production crew can quickly come together and fashion a solution that meets the needs of that particular shot. Shooting safely during a global pandemic, while challenging, has been just another on-set problem to get creative about solving.  Recently, I joined a production team in Sevierville, Tennessee to film at Soaky Mountain Waterpark. This production was BIG; it had all of the moving parts: a couple dozen cast members, park staff, marketing agency teams, producers, director, director of photography, assistant camera operator, full gaffing squad, sound technician, multi-state transportation plans, terabytes of data to manage, a truck full of equipment, hungry mouths to feed, an entire fifty-acre waterpark to film, and stormy weather brewing on top of it all. As if there wasn’t enough to coordinate before arriving on location, we needed to also ensure everyone’s safety from a spreading virus for the entirety of the production. A lot of the precautions for remaining safe on set are similar to those that we have all learned to live with in our everyday lives. When in a public space, we have been wearing masks, socially distancing, and frequently washing and sanitizing [...]

The Rise of Connected TV

As a marketing team with an expertise in video, you could make the assertion that we’re pretty obsessed with TV trends. In fact, we’ve been eyeing them since the 80s. So, when trends began to show a decline among cable TV advertising and an uptick in digital streaming, we can’t say we were too surprised. In fact, we got right to work growing our own brands via apps like Roku and Apple TV and evolving the way we premiered our content on traditional broadcast TV.  If there’s one truth in marketing we’re absolutely sure of, it’s that these days, it’s essential to meet your target audience where they are. It’s simply not enough to create the content and make the media buy. Insert:  unlimited bingeable, streamable content - served to consumers how they want it and when they want it - via Connected TV.  What is Connected TV? Connected TV (or CTV) is used to stream video content over the internet thanks to services, apps and devices like Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, or the Amazon Firestick. This industry has continued to evolve and grow as consumers move further away from live TV (hello, cord-cutters!) and move toward enticing content that’s always ready and waiting for them. Remember when Netflix actually mailed DVDs to your home? Well, there is an entire generation of consumers that never actually experienced that. In fact, Gen Z have experienced television almost exclusively through CTV.  Our three internal brands at Discover Mediaworks (Discover Wisconsin, Into the [...]

Why QR Codes are Making a Comeback

While QR codes are certainly not new on the scene, they are seeing a sort of renaissance when it comes to consumer usage in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic. With social distancing and personal sanitary measures at an all-time high, these tiny squares of information are proving to be useful. They have been popping up in restaurants, bars, in retail stores, and on many consumer products. If you aren’t already up to speed with how to create, implement, and leverage their potential, now is the time to study up.   History QR (quick-response) codes date back to 1994 and were originally adopted by the automobile industry as a way to improve their management practices and work more efficiently. It wasn’t until the 2000s that QR codes were well known and used more widely, primarily by large companies. These codes differ from the barcode because they hold information both vertically and horizontally, meaning they can contain more information and have greater versatility. Barcodes, on the other hand, hold information horizontally, and while this is useful at the grocery store, they are much more limited in use.  As smartphones became the norm in the 2000s, apps were developed to read QR codes, and it was at this point that they became a tool that everyday consumers could use. Nowadays, our phone's camera will automatically scan a QR code but before this update, users would have to download a specific QR code app.  Falling into the Background While QR codes proved to be [...]

“But what do you DO?” The Role of a Producer Explained

I can’t tell you how often, after telling someone I’m a television producer, I get the follow-up question, “So… what do you DO?” And I get it. I remember watching the “executive producers” accept the Oscar for Best Picture at the Academy Awards every year and wondering, “They didn’t film it, they didn’t direct it… so what did they actually DO?” To be honest, I’m still not sure what Hollywood producers do, but I CAN tell you what I do as a producer at Discover Mediaworks. Owning the Project If you think of building a house as an analogy for creating a video project, then the producer would have a similar role as the construction manager. While they don’t physically pour the concrete, or pound nails (that’s how you build a house right?); they oversee the planning, design, and execution of the project from beginning to end. To use a term common across most industries, they’re project managers. Depending on the size of the company and the production team, producing can include a variety of roles and responsibilities. At Discover Mediaworks, those responsibilities fall into four main categories: client communication, planning, production and post-production, and delivery and debrief.  Client Communication For larger clients or projects, there is sometimes a separate role that acts as the “point person” for client communication, but in most cases, this falls on the producer. Communicating with the client is one of the most important aspects of a successful project. From kicking off the project and [...]

5 Tips to Build Your Brand

In a world of online shopping and niche boutiques, consumers are able to go anywhere (even from the comfort of their home) to buy just about anything they want. The market is more competitive than ever, and for a business to survive, they must stand out above the rest. But, how? A brand is an emotional term, rather than physical, it takes on the identity of a product or service. As Jeff Bezos said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”  A powerful brand has a clear set of emotions and expressions that is consistently communicated to its audience through both verbal and visual cues. A strong Brand will stand out from the others by being able to connect to their audience on a deeper level. Consumers want to buy from people and to feel a certain way about their purchase, so above all marketing strategies and tactics, we must first understand what that feeling is. Identify Your Values The backbone of your brand is about identifying your values and living by them in all aspects of your business. Why did you start your business in the first place? The answer to this question will reveal the passion and purpose of your business, and help re-identify your core values, mission, and vision statements that should be reflected visually as well as within the tone of voice used in all forms of communications.  This step is not only powerful when it comes to connecting [...]

Client Success Story – Wisconsin Alumni Association

Since 1861, the Wisconsin Alumni Association® (WAA) has been enriching the lives of UW alumni by keeping them connected to their alma mater and to fellow Badgers. In 2018, WAA partnered with Discover Mediaworks for a two-year campaign with the objective of bolstering the organization’s relationship with not just alumni but all Wisconsinites. Challenge As Wisconsin’s flagship university, UW-Madison serves as the pulse of the state’s capital city. The Badger pride within the borders of Dane County is undeniable but research showed that the majority of Wisconsin residents believed a few falsehoods about the university. For example, most Wisconsinites assumed very few in-state students actually get admitted to UW-Madison when in fact, two-thirds of undergraduate applicants from Wisconsin are admitted to UW. It was time for some serious myth-busting. Enter: A two-year co-branded Discover Wisconsin campaign comprising of a cross-channel marketing strategy. Solution In order to close the information gap, the Wisconsin Alumni Association partnered with Discover Wisconsin to leverage each other’s brand equity and put in action a multi-channel, storytelling series on wheels (and on air) to reach every corner of the state. Over the course of two years, we pinpointed 10 stories and myths with ties to various corners of Wisconsin—from La Crosse to Ashland to Green Bay to Milwaukee—with the idea of better informing and inspiring our Wisconsin viewers. Each story consisted of a longform impact video that premiered across Discover Wisconsin’s digital channels as well as a 60-second version that made its debut on TV. In [...]

Managing Motion Media: Discover Wisconsin Edition

When it comes to the skillset of the Motion Media Manager at Discover Wisconsin, the requirement of several traits come to mind; the ability to balance creativity, preparation, organization, and improvisation. A Motion Media Manager needs to know how to set up for an interview, have extensive production knowledge, the ability to operate a camera, and the willingness to adapt on the fly in every situation. The phrase “no day is ever the same” is without a doubt one of the most overused phrases said when describing a job or a workplace. However, it rings true with this role, in the ever-changing world of production there may be a week where our crew is filming for five different episodes, followed by a week focused on just one. With call times ranging from the crack of dawn to late into the night, the Motion Media Manager must always be on their toes and prepared for whatever obstacles are undoubtedly coming. Managing the Production Calendar Maintaining the production calendar is crucial when it comes to ensuring a good project workflow. The number of shows for the upcoming Discover Wisconsin season essentially controls the structure (and craziness) of the production calendar. Managing this calendar requires collaboration with producers to lock in dates and rain dates. An initial obstacle to overcome is managing resources and a variety of schedules; there are days where more than one shoot may be on the books, it’s important to make sure that if more than one episode shoot [...]

Video Editing: The Art of Crafting Stories

What is video editing? At the heart of it, video editing is the art of crafting stories. So, what exactly does that mean? Well, to put it simply, video editing involves taking footage previously captured on a film set and cutting it up into different sequences to form some type of cohesive story. This is primarily done today via a non-linear editing system (video editing software on a computer). While bringing stories to life may sound like all fun and games, and believe me it definitely can be, it’s also extremely challenging. When you break it down there is one thing that matters above all else. Emotion. Regardless of the story you’re trying to tell, whether it be a full-scale Hollywood production, corporate promotional video, or even a personal vlog, emotion should be at the center of every video editor’s mindset. Whether that emotion is happiness, sadness, anger, confusion, inspiration, motivation, etc., there must always be a central feeling to drive your story forward, connect with your audience and accomplish your goals.  Being able to create this emotion from countless shots and clips is the biggest hurdle to overcome as a video editor. Luckily, we have a plethora of tools at our disposal that allow us to give it our best shot at bringing about some emotive response. Some of these tools (without getting too far down the rabbit hole) include: Shot Pacing Color correction/grading Stylistic effects/filters Visual effects On-screen text Transitions Music Sound effects What are the actual steps [...]