The first tool in your “Digital-First Toolkit” is learning how to make the shift to productive digitalization in your business. Now that you are ready to go digital, it’s important to realize one thing: digitalization can’t be done without digitization. You can’t begin to work in the digital realm unless your assets are digitized!  You may be wondering what the difference is exactly between the two. Digitization can be defined as the initial shift from paper-based operations to digital operations or automation of your business processes. On the other hand, digitalization can be defined as your business’s actual use of these digitized resources to ultimately achieve your business objectives, such as building revenue, actually enhancing business, and creating a digital identity. Essentially, digitalization is important to achieve because it offers businesses many great outcomes, including digital maturity.

And while our Toolkit will focus on what happens next and the powerful ways to harness digitalization, you should move forward knowing the good things you have done by saving resources, reducing the carbon footprint, and staying up with the way of the world.  Being on the right page at the right time allows for quicker and greater success.

Once you have made the shift from digitization to digitalization, there are a few things to make sure of. As a constantly functioning business, it’s important to learn to move from one to the other in practice. Make sure to take advantage of the material you learned from your past methods of operations, and then put it online. Take your older practices that you know worked for you, and “rewire” them to fit your new digital model. Practice makes perfect.  

Additionally, make sure to familiarize yourself and your team with the new trends and technologies at the time. The digital world is also called “the wild west” because things change on the horizon every day.  Stay informed.  Finally, make sure to always work with your end goals in mind.  Because when all is said and done, it is that payoff we are really looking for. At DMW, we’re ready to help you begin going digital-first. Contact for any inquiries!