Over the past few years, cable companies have continuously lost video subscribers to cord-cutting, quarter after quarter, according to cordcuttersnews.com.  Instead of creating a retention plan to entice those customers not to cut the cord through offering cheaper cable packages, these companies are finding ways to enter the streaming game and attract new consumers with new and expanded offerings.  Think Verizon+,  Comcast+, Spectrum+. 

“We are already there with our three TV brands,” says Andrew Natvig, DMW content producer, “and we have been for over a year.”  Discover Wisconsin, Into the Outdoors and Boondock Nation all have free apps on Roku, Amazon Fire, AppleTV, iOS and Android as well as through SmartTVs and Chromecast.  “Our clients benefit through placing their ads on our streaming channels reaching new audiences directly without a paywall or paid subscription,” enthuses Natvig.  

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