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Discover Mediaworks is a strategic communications & media production company rooted in the heart of the Midwest. This blog will highlight some of our client success stories, corporate updates, and an inside look into the roles of our crew!

Client Success Story – Menominee Casino Resort

History Over the last 14 years, the relationship between Discover Mediaworks and Menominee Casino Resort has evolved from a single video project to a longstanding partnership that encompasses everything from branding to production as well as media planning and placement, marketing, and more. Opening in 1987, Menominee Casino Resort based in Keshena, WI, brought Wisconsin a gaming industry not only as the first gaming facility in the State but also by spearheading the foundation of the Wisconsin Gaming Commission. Since then, this forefather of native casinos has undergone many redevelopments and revolutions, each time becoming a larger player in the state's tourism draw, but also in continuing to build local and tribal jobs, attractions and offerings, while also being a cornerstone in the communities they serve. Partnership with Discover Mediaworks In 2006, while starting a complete renovation of both the casino and the hotel, Menominee Casino Resort engaged Discover Mediaworks to analyze and redevelop their brand. This large scale project and brand relaunch impacted everything from exterior signage, to the logo on their dice and everything in between. The first major challenge of this project and the most important objective the client provided was that the new brand needed to be culturally accurate and representative of the people that make up the Menominee Nation. The former logo sported a war bonnet, which was only worn by a dozen or so Great Plains tribes. The Menominee are the people of the wild rice, and this element was used as inspiration to [...]

Podcasting 101: A Step-By-Step Guide

As podcasting continues to surge in popularity, many businesses, brands, and individuals are beginning to wonder if now is the time to get into podcasting. The short answer? Maybe. It’s a little more complicated than just grabbing a mic and hitting record. While podcasting may be growing with more than 75% of the U.S. population stating that they’re familiar with the concept, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for all businesses and brands. We’re going to break down what makes a successful podcast and how to get from a single concept to an episodic series. Breaking it Down A podcast is an episodic audio series that allows listeners to stream and download content through a variety of platforms. When podcasting first broke onto the scene there was a lot of speculation regarding the future of radio, critics went both ways, some predicting the death of radio and others doubting the power of podcasting in general. Here we are in 2020 and podcasting has without question made a splash and continues to climb in popularity. With streaming numbers on the rise - up 23% from 2016-2017, more people are dipping their toes in the water when it comes to both listening and recording content. There is no exact formula for success and no single way to format your podcast, there are even different styles of podcasts; from narrative storytelling to interview-based, and even hybrids, you have to find what works for you and your audience.  Picking Your Topic Finding the right [...]

Audio for Video: The Unsung Hero of Production

Audio often flies under the radar in our field of video production. Often, this is by design, as a typical viewer won’t notice the importance of quality sound until it’s poorly executed, which can draw their attention away from your video’s message or cause them to stop watching altogether. On the other hand, good sound compliments strong visuals by further immersing a viewer into a scene or setting. For example, instead of just seeing a downtown farmer’s market, they hear the nearby traffic to the left, the slow river below the bridge to the right, and the murmur of the crowd surrounding them. As the only “audio guy” in a company producing as many videos as we do, I get the opportunity to have a hand in a vast amount of projects, striving for quality and consistency across all of them. If you’ve watched any of our videos, you’ve probably heard my work (or you watched the video on mute, in which case, how dare you!). So what does the job of a do-it-all audio engineer entail? For the most part, my responsibilities fall within three main categories: recording, sound design, and mixing the final product. Recording This is the first, and most important, opportunity to get it right. If you don’t start with a quality recording, it’s hard to end up with a final product you can be proud of. When I’m on set, my primary focus is to record clean dialogue that isn’t masked by environmental [...]

3 Tips to Build a Better Social Media Strategy for Your Brand

As we all navigate through COVID-19 and look forward to whatever the new normal may bring, one thing has remained the same and actually becomes even more vital: Connecting with your audience via social media with the help of engaging content. Sounds easy right? Snap a pic, jot down a cute caption, add an emoji and a hashtag, hit publish and voila! Okay, so it’s not that easy...but the good news is: We’re here to break it down for you! Understand Your Audience Don’t even begin drafting that social media copy before this essential first step: know your audience in and out. Dive into the analytics that your social platforms provide. If you utilize resources like Sprout Social, Meltwater or Salesforce Social Studio, make sure to take full advantage of the analytics tools they offer. Get a feel for the demographics; are more men or women visiting your page? What is their average age? Where are they located? (Their location is especially important if you are looking to target specific regions!) Don’t be afraid to dig even deeper: How does she think? What does she care about? How does she talk? Once you know who your audience is, you can start to adjust your voice and gather a deeper understanding of their interests and activities. When your target audience feels like the content you’re posting was made just for her, she is much more likely to like it, comment on it and share it with her network. Create Engaging Content [...]

Planning Your Comeback: 6 Steps to Revitalizing Your Marketing Strategy

“Don’t call it a comeback. I’ve been here for years.” –LL Cool J You’re sitting at your makeshift home office. It’s mid-pandemic and you’re thumbing through your marketing plan debating whether you should stare at it another day or just light the thing on fire. (Psst! Don’t do either.) Perhaps the question floating to the top of your mind is: So…now what?! Here are six tips to put into action as you revitalize that marketing plan: 1. Keep on keepin’ on. Whatever you do: Don’t stop marketing. Re-thinking your tactics and re-assigning dollars are steps that are warranted and encouraged. (Use a scalpel, not a sledgehammer!) But “going dark”—especially during a crisis—is a mistake. In fact, now is when you should double-down on your PR & marketing efforts. 2. Polish off your crisis communications plan—or start drafting one. Let’s talk about what’s truly essential: Planning for a crisis. If there’s anything COVID-19 has reminded us, marketers, it’s that. Polish off your current crisis communications plan. And if you don’t have one, it’s time to kickstart one. Even if you don’t follow your plan perfectly, embracing uncertainty will get a whole lot easier with a guide at the ready. 3. Keep your eye on the target. Resist the temptation to stray from your target audience in search of some magically elusive group of clientele with limitless pockets. Keep your eye on the target and reward your core fans with crave-worthy content and irresistible incentives. 4. Dive into the analytics. I know, [...]

Shoot, Produce, Edit: The Value of a Shreditor

How the “Shreditor” is Changing the Digital World The role of someone who can shoot, edit and produce video has become crucial within organizations worldwide, especially with the ever growing need to maintain a digital brand presence.  Enter, the Shreditor (Sh-r`o-aeditor). In the digital video world and production industry, these once thought “unicorns” are now becoming the norm. The shreditor (shooter, producer + editor) role has continued to evolve (Note: also referred to by other names such as “Video Guy” or “Preditor” (producer + editor)). As the needs of brands expand and the desire for engaging video content is at the forefront of both marketers’ and consumers' minds, a shreditor helps bring everything together before it reaches a consumer. Short-form videos catch the attention of people scrolling through social media, and a shreditor sees a project through from concepting all the way through post-production. They help ensure a concise and uniform message that is effectively delivered to different audiences. Let’s take a look at the roles and responsibilities of a Shreditor. Producing  A producer oversees the project in its entirety from the very first client creative meeting to concepting to field production and beyond. The producer is essentially the point person on the project and also the client’s or brand managers point of contact. This role is made easier when the videographer and the editor share the same vision as the producer, particularly when all three roles are handled by the same person.   Filming A videographer has many responsibilities throughout [...]

COVID-19: A Message From Our Team

Mark Rose, CEO Through checking in with each of our clients, some of whom we have partnered with  for 33 years, others who we have been working with for a year, we as a team discovered that as your priorities shift, developing messages and resilient stories are not a result of the COVID-19 dislocation, rather they are an opportunity that provides us as marketing partners a way of helping you adapt to the changing needs of your consumers.  Our mission and dedication to our clients, current and future, remain unchanged.  We are adapting right along with you.  Thank you for your trust and confidence. Rick Rose, Special Projects We produce a series of "Wisconsin Wellness" 60 awareness videos for the WCA Group Health Trust whose mission is to assist WI counties, other local units of government and school districts in promoting wellness programs and provide information promoting healthy lifestyles.  With all the emotional and mental challenges we are facing as a result of the current pandemic, we are airing a piece we created on mental health across the state via broadcast television and across the world via streaming devices like Roku, AppleTV and Amazon Fire which are currently receiving unprecedented numbers of viewers.  We worked with NAMI WI on this piece; they work diligently to improve the quality of life of people affected by mental illness as they promote recovery. Jake Zimmermann, Business Development Just days before COVID-19 hit, I was overseeing the shoot on [...]

Client Success Story – RE/MAX Property Pros

RE/MAX Property Pros partnered with Discover Mediaworks through our internal brand Discover Wisconsin in 2019, to launch a co-branded initiative highlighting the properties that RE/MAX has to offer and serving that information to the Discover Wisconsin audience. The launch of created a separate landing page that viewers were taken to if they clicked the home page pop up. This landing page was visited by more than 4,000 individual users with the average pages per session over 7 pages, over the course of the year. We also produced and ran 2, 15-second commercial spots that premiered during Discover Wisconsin on broadcast TV. These spots ran for 29 weeks throughout the year and reached more than 17,000,000 viewers. Discover Wisconsin’s social media channels also promoted RE/MAX through several posts covering Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Across these three platforms there were 10 posts that were viewed more than 124,000 times. RE/MAX was also featured in the Discover Wisconsin e-newsletter as both a logo sponsor and a content sponsor, these e-newsletters had an average open rate of 28%, which is well above the industry average for real estate. Discover Mediaworks and Discover Wisconsin have continued their partnership with RE/MAX through the creation of additional production and marketing pieces designed to reach their current and new audiences.

Into the Outdoors Continues to be a Resource for Educators

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, teachers, parents, and students have been scrambling to figure out their educational plans for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year. Into the Outdoors has proven itself as a valuable resource that is easily incorporated into school curriculums.  Traffic to has increased by nearly 200% in the past few weeks with teachers, parents, students all looking to utilize resources like lesson plans and videos.  Increase in social media engagement as lesson plans and teaching materials are highlighted throughout Into the Outdoors accounts. Into the Outdoors Facebook reached more than 100,000 people March 2020 Visitors to the Into the Outdoors Instagram was up 63% in March 2020 Educational videos that can be used in the classroom are available on the website

Discover Wisconsin Sees Huge Uptick in Digital Engagement

Stuck inside? Enjoy a virtual vacation with Discover Wisconsin. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Discover Wisconsin team is committed to its mission of sharing the very best of Wisconsin. In fact, our digital game has seen a major spike in engagement in 2020: Since its launch just seven weeks ago, The Cabin Podcast has garnered an accumulative 7,715 downloads.  Over the last week alone, video views are up nearly 100% and post engagement is up 90% on Discover Wisconsin’s Facebook page. Discover Wisconsin’s YouTube channel has amassed 148,000 views and over 15,000 hours of watch time so far in 2020. Full episodes are also available for streaming on Roku, Apple TV, SmartTV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire and Our team also regularly publishes inspirational travel content to our official blog, The Bobber, and we recently launched a Facebook Group for our online community: Around the Campfire with Discover Wisconsin. Shout-out to our friends at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for highlighting Discover Wisconsin in the publication’s recent “Armchair Travel Ideas” article!

Letter from CEO, Mark Rose: Addressing COVID-19

In these challenging days, which are bound to become even more uncertain, we have a company-wide principle at Discover Mediaworks: Embrace adaptability. Every one of our team members and each of our internal brands are already equipped to adapt to unexpected circumstances as the world continues to evolve - with or without a pandemic. We recognize that as priorities shift, developing messages and resilient stories are not a result of the COVID-19 dislocation, rather they are an opportunity that provides us as marketing partners a way of adapting to the changed needs of our consumers. Our mission and dedication to our clients remain unchanged. When we launched this company back in 1987, we had a single brand, Discover Wisconsin, which we utilized to create marketing partnerships with destinations and sponsoring companies. As our clients’ companies grew, so did we. We now have three brands: Into the Outdoors celebrates 20 years and its 17th Emmy Award win this year. And Boondock Nation has been championing the benefits of “social distancing” for nearly four seasons now! Each series and its corresponding marketing partnerships came as a result of adapting to the needs of the communities in which we live, work, and play. We are blessed to be able to share our marketing experience with other external clients that trust us to tell their story and help build their consumer base which in turn, promotes their growth. Our 30-plus storytellers are ready now to adapt to your current and immediate needs to ignite [...]

Client Success Story – Boondock Nation Partners with Trails West Manufacturing

Trails West Manufacturing partnered with one of our internal brands Boondock Nation to develop and promote a special co-branded trailer. This trailer was unique to the Trails West product line and featured new technology and innovative properties; the Boondock Nation team was integral in the design and development. This original trailer retailed for $45,000. Through experiential display at trade shows, destination locations, and other strategic placements Trails West sold 23 of these trailers on the first season launch. A 1 minute social promo video,  a 30 second broadcast commercial and 1-page sales flyers were also used as additional marketing collateral. Sales from this co-branded initiative totaled more than $1 million.

Client Success Story – Nicolet College

Nicolet College was expected to experience at least a 10% loss in student applicants before their retainer with DMW. In the last year, we have been able to reduce that projected loss from 10% to only 4%. During that time, DMW developed a comprehensive marketing plan for the college and while producing 100% of media and video production needs. These efforts and projects have been delivered on time and within budget, since the beginning of this partnership. All marketing and production initiatives have been done in collaboration with the Nicolet College internal marketing team. This partnership has both strengthened their team while also bridging the gap between their marketing department and other departments across the campus. Production work from DMW for Nicolet College won Gold at the National CBEN (Competency-Based Education Network) conference in 2019. While the Nicolet College audience is small, the impact has been significant over the last year. After implementing stable processes for tracking and analytics we were able to completely integrate these capabilities with their existing online presence to ensure data is constantly being collected and is used to guide decision making. DMW has proven to be dedicated to integrating and building a relationship built on transparency, education, and collaboration to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with all clients.

Client Success Story – Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board

Our client the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board (WSMB) faced the challenge of awareness. Reaching their audiences; Wisconsin Soybean Farmers and Wisconsin Residents in an effective way was needed to educate, support, and help manage soybean farmers' operations. The ultimate mission was to establish WSMB as a key resource for the industry and introduce the rest of the world to the farmers that feed them.  Bob Karls, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Soybean Program stated "Discover Mediaworks is our agency of record and has provided 100% of our outbound communication and marketing, 100% on time, and on or under budget." In the last two years, DMW has used elements such as video, web design, social media, and print to relay the messages of the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board. Eleven videos were produced in 2018 and have reached 600,000+ viewers through broadcast and social media. Fifty-two weeks of TV spots ran during prime broadcast time slots and also aired on all OTT platforms. Three distinct websites were built to meet the various needs and interests of the audience. In the last year, their social following has increased by 9%. Through the course of the year, 4 radio interviews took place with a state-wide reach. Direct mail campaigns for the annual Corn-Soy Expo reach 3,000+ farmers across the state.