Client Success Story – Nicolet College

//Client Success Story – Nicolet College

Client Success Story – Nicolet College

Nicolet College was expected to experience at least a 10% loss in student applicants before their retainer with DMW. In the last year, we have been able to reduce that projected loss from 10% to only 4%. During that time, DMW developed a comprehensive marketing plan for the college and while producing 100% of media and video production needs. These efforts and projects have been delivered on time and within budget, since the beginning of this partnership.

All marketing and production initiatives have been done in collaboration with the Nicolet College internal marketing team. This partnership has both strengthened their team while also bridging the gap between their marketing department and other departments across the campus.

Production work from DMW for Nicolet College won Gold at the National CBEN (Competency-Based Education Network) conference in 2019. While the Nicolet College audience is small, the impact has been significant over the last year. After implementing stable processes for tracking and analytics we were able to completely integrate these capabilities with their existing online presence to ensure data is constantly being collected and is used to guide decision making. DMW has proven to be dedicated to integrating and building a relationship built on transparency, education, and collaboration to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with all clients.

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