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Digital-First Tool #4: Endless Innovation

In our last digital series on, “Reasons to go Digital-First”, we discussed the importance of keeping up with the times as the world quickly transitions to digital delivery. The series emphasizes DMW’s belief that being nimble and swiftly adapting to change to become vital to the success of a business. Businesses that are open to changes in a media-driven society are finding more success than others who aren’t. As a result, it has become necessary to endlessly innovate. Technologies [...]

Digital-First Tool #3: The 6 P’s

The next tool in your “Digital-First Toolkit” that we will discuss is “The 6 P’s”. This is a tool we formed at DMW while launching headfirst into the digital world. We have whole heartily utilized it here for our own brands and for the brands we work with. Our clients and our team have found it to be greatly applicable from the initial digital-first shift to today. We have created the “6 P’s” to our own digital footprint! Pulse Purpose [...]

Digital-First Tool #2: Employee Communication

 TOOL #2: Employee Communication   The second tool in your “Digital-First Toolkit is learning effective employee communication before and throughout your digital strategy implementation. Here, we will begin to explore two aspects of employee communication. First, we will consider why it is necessary to communicate concisely with your team during this shift. It is important to hold effective internal communication by keeping constant communication with your team and offering them frequent updates. Essentially, carefully communicating your transition to digital-first will [...]

Digital-First Tool #1: Digitization to Digitalization

 TOOL #1: Digitization to Digitalization   The first tool in your “Digital-First Toolkit” is learning how to make the shift to productive digitalization in your business. Now that you are ready to go digital, it’s important to realize one thing: digitalization can’t be done without digitization. You can’t begin to work in the digital realm unless your assets are digitized!  You may be wondering what the difference is exactly between the two. Digitization can be defined as the initial shift [...]

Reasons to Think Digital First When Marketing: #10 Company Alignment

 #10 Company Alignment   “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” - James Cash Penney Over the course of the past few weeks, we discussed 9 different reasons as to why you should go “Digital-First”. Those we went over were:  Global Reach Pictures Speak Louder Than Words The Increasing Importance of Data Cord Cutters Want Free TV The Wild West The Difference Between Then and Now  Amplify the Customer Experience Build Your Digital [...]

Reasons to Think Digital First When Marketing: #9 Be Prepared For Anything

 #9 Be Prepared For Anything   “It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not to be prepared.” - Les Brown    At Discover Mediaworks, we daily recognize the importance of preparing for anything and everything. At the end of the day, you can plan and plan, but never really get anywhere without preparation. Preparation is just as, if not more, important as planning. No matter how much you plan, [...]

Internships: Why You Should Begin Your Search

 Internships: Why You Should Begin Your Search   “The expert at anything was once a beginner.” - Helen Hayes   Being an intern for a company can be a great opportunity and stepping stone for those looking for entry-level jobs. Beyond the obvious benefits of being an intern for a credible company, such as gaining valuable work experience and developing/refining your skills, something often greater that an internship can offer you is an edge in the job market (especially in [...]

Reasons to Think Digital First When Marketing: #8 Build Your Digital Identity

 #8 Build Your Digital Identity   “If you want to stand out from the crowd, give people a reason not to forget you.” - Richard Branson   Another reason to prioritize going digital-first is to get a foothold in the digital world and build up your digital identity.  You have to start somewhere.  Now, what exactly does your “digital identity” refer to? Having an identity in digital media refers to owning a multichannel brand presence on platforms that your audience [...]

Brand Management: Why is it Necessary in 2021?

Brand Management: Why is it Necessary in 2021? In an age of consumerism and digital media, exacerbated by COVID-19 where we saw an increase in eCommerce, all eyes are locked on a brand’s every move. This can be a great asset for brand awareness and product launches but can also easily backfire on a company if they miss the mark with their audience. You probably remember a major sports clothing company accused of insensitivity after sending a poorly worded email [...]

Reasons to Think Digital First When Marketing: #7 Amplify the Customer Experience

 #7 Amplify the Customer Experience   “The customer’s perception is your reality.” – Kate Zabriskie    Last week, we talked about how times have changed, regarding business strategies and society as a whole. We have entered a new era, where outbound marketing has come to an end, and inbound marketing has walked through our doors. Communication with customers has become a two-way street, making their opinions and perspectives more important now than ever before.  We at DMW welcome these conversations; [...]

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