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The Rise of Connected TV

As a marketing team with an expertise in video, you could make the assertion that we’re pretty obsessed with TV trends. In fact, we’ve been eyeing them since the 80s. So, when trends began to show a decline among cable TV advertising and an uptick in digital streaming, we can’t say we were too surprised. In fact, we got right to work growing our own brands via apps like Roku and Apple TV and evolving the way we premiered our [...]

Client Success Story – Boondock Nation Partners with Trails West Manufacturing

Trails West Manufacturing partnered with one of our internal brands Boondock Nation to develop and promote a special co-branded trailer. This trailer was unique to the Trails West product line and featured new technology and innovative properties; the Boondock Nation team was integral in the design and development. This original trailer retailed for $45,000. Through experiential display at trade shows, destination locations, and other strategic placements Trails West sold 23 of these trailers on the first season launch. A 1 [...]