Audio for Video: The Unsung Hero of Production

Audio often flies under the radar in our field of video production. Often, this is by design, as a typical viewer won’t notice the importance of quality sound until it’s poorly executed, which can draw their attention away from your video’s message or cause them to stop watching altogether. On the other hand, good sound compliments strong visuals by further immersing a viewer into a scene or setting. For example, instead of just seeing a downtown farmer’s market, they hear [...]

3 Tips to Build a Better Social Media Strategy for Your Brand

As we all navigate through COVID-19 and look forward to whatever the new normal may bring, one thing has remained the same and actually becomes even more vital: Connecting with your audience via social media with the help of engaging content. Sounds easy right? Snap a pic, jot down a cute caption, add an emoji and a hashtag, hit publish and voila! Okay, so it’s not that easy...but the good news is: We’re here to break it down for you! [...]

Client Success Story – Nicolet College

Nicolet College was expected to experience at least a 10% loss in student applicants before their retainer with DMW. In the last year, we have been able to reduce that projected loss from 10% to only 4%. During that time, DMW developed a comprehensive marketing plan for the college and while producing 100% of media and video production needs. These efforts and projects have been delivered on time and within budget, since the beginning of this partnership. All marketing and [...]

Client Success Story – Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board

Our client the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board (WSMB) faced the challenge of awareness. Reaching their audiences; Wisconsin Soybean Farmers and Wisconsin Residents in an effective way was needed to educate, support, and help manage soybean farmers' operations. The ultimate mission was to establish WSMB as a key resource for the industry and introduce the rest of the world to the farmers that feed them.  Bob Karls, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Soybean Program stated "Discover Mediaworks is our agency of [...]