Shoot, Produce, Edit: The Value of a Shreditor

//Shoot, Produce, Edit: The Value of a Shreditor

Shoot, Produce, Edit: The Value of a Shreditor

How the “Shreditor” is Changing the Digital World

The role of someone who can shoot, edit and produce video has become crucial within organizations worldwide, especially with the ever growing need to maintain a digital brand presence. 

Enter, the Shreditor (Sh-r`o-aeditor). In the digital video world and production industry, these once thought “unicorns” are now becoming the norm. The shreditor (shooter, producer + editor) role has continued to evolve (Note: also referred to by other names such as “Video Guy” or “Preditor” (producer + editor)). As the needs of brands expand and the desire for engaging video content is at the forefront of both marketers’ and consumers’ minds, a shreditor helps bring everything together before it reaches a consumer. Short-form videos catch the attention of people scrolling through social media, and a shreditor sees a project through from concepting all the way through post-production. They help ensure a concise and uniform message that is effectively delivered to different audiences.

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Let’s take a look at the roles and responsibilities of a Shreditor.


A producer oversees the project in its entirety from the very first client creative meeting to concepting to field production and beyond. The producer is essentially the point person on the project and also the client’s or brand managers point of contact. This role is made easier when the videographer and the editor share the same vision as the producer, particularly when all three roles are handled by the same person.  


A videographer has many responsibilities throughout the course of a production: operating the camera, framing shots, working with talent and essentially controlling the production from a visual standpoint. It is the videographer’s job to capture the story the producer is trying to tell.


Once everything is filmed, the project is in the hands of the editor for the post-production phase. This role ties together the producer’s vision and the videographer’s shots, and molds it into a single cohesive story. It is up to the editor to sort through the footage and begin crafting the story in collaboration with the producer. 

The Benefit of Doing All Three

Individuals with the talent of taking on all three roles have the ability to eliminate a lot of  hurdles throughout the production process. They are able to create compelling content, on shorter timelines, while using fewer resources (most of the time). These story-tellers at heart are able to see everything at once and meet challenges head on. Shreditors solve problems on-the-go in the field…all while making killer content.

Like other organizations, we are finding value with Shreditors at Discover Mediaworks. Because every step is streamlined a lot of the typical back-and-forth of production is eliminated. The role of a shreditor also is a game-changer in the realm of efficiency: When you have someone who has in-depth knowledge of producing, editing and shooting, it helps keep projects on time and under budget for both our internal brands and our clients. While balancing all three roles can be challenging, we look for individuals that are not intimidated by the idea of being a triple threat, but those who embrace the mission. 

About the Author

Andrew Natvig DMWAndrew Natvig, Content Manager for Boondock Nation, is a Milwaukee Film School graduate from Madison, Wisconsin. Starting as a videographer at Discover Mediaworks in 2018, his position has since evolved greatly. His proven talents as a producer and editor, on top of his chops as a videographer, have allowed for him to take significant creative control over all Boondock Nation brand projects including filming, producing and editing video projects for broadcast, streaming, and social media.

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