Internships: Why You Should Begin Your Search

//Internships: Why You Should Begin Your Search

Internships: Why You Should Begin Your Search

 Internships: Why You Should Begin Your Search


“The expert at anything was once a beginner.” – Helen Hayes


Being an intern for a company can be a great opportunity and stepping stone for those looking for entry-level jobs. Beyond the obvious benefits of being an intern for a credible company, such as gaining valuable work experience and developing/refining your skills, something often greater that an internship can offer you is an edge in the job market (especially in a time of high competitiveness, where an edge becomes imperative). Additionally, an internship gives you the opportunity to network with professionals, inside and outside of your field, internally within the company and externally with the company’s clients. Ultimately, you are encouraged to gain confidence in the workforce, in addition to experiencing endless learning opportunities and facing limitless growth. 

As a Marketing Intern at Discover Mediaworks, I was given the opportunity to truly practice my skills in an authentic setting. By being placed in a position where there were real stakes and consequences to be faced, I was able to unlock my full potential in terms of real-life work experience. From the first week, I found myself better understanding the marketing industry immensely clearer than I had only a few days prior. All of a sudden, topics and themes that were originally just units in my college classes were being utilized and brought to life. 

At DMW, I was given novel responsibilities, and my abilities were fittingly tested. However, this is what gave me the chance to strengthen and refine my skills. Through organizing meetings, generating presentations, producing blogs, maintaining social media platforms, and so much more, I was able to ignite the creative side of my brain in addition to the analytical side, ultimately giving me a more diverse outlook than I could have ever thought of. In the end, Discover Mediaworks gave me an experience that I couldn’t imagine starting my career without. 

Discover Mediaworks believes in the benefit of a solid Internship Program, one which pays off for the intern, the company, and our clients. If you are interested in interning, contact Rick Rose at


About the Author

Eunjee Song is a Marketing/ Sales Intern at Discover Mediaworks, a strategic communication and media production company, during Summer 2021. Eunjee is currently a senior, working towards her Bachelor of Business Administration Degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For DMW, Eunjee writes the weekly blogs you see here, sharing Discover Mediaworks’ most valuable “tips of the trade”. In her free time, you can find her on a hike, watching her favorite show (New Girl), or reading a new book. 

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