Digital-First Tool #3: The 6 P’s

//Digital-First Tool #3: The 6 P’s

Digital-First Tool #3: The 6 P’s

The next tool in your “Digital-First Toolkit” that we will discuss is “The 6 P’s”. This is a tool we formed at DMW while launching headfirst into the digital world. We have whole heartily utilized it here for our own brands and for the brands we work with. Our clients and our team have found it to be greatly applicable from the initial digital-first shift to today. We have created the “6 P’s” to our own digital footprint!

      • Pulse
      • Purpose
      • Pivot
      • Pace
      • Partnerships
      • People 

Pulse relates to the overall “landscape” of our business. By better understanding and monitoring our “pulse”, we can gain a stronger foothold on our next steps In an ever-changing world, this is critical to keep tabs on what is happening around us and how it affects our business decisions and offerings. Purpose relates to the core of our work. Through our expertise and unique value, we can more deeply understand our ultimate objectives and how they relate to our main vision. We have a purpose and a role in the worldwide digital shift we are living within. Pivot has to do with one’s ability to observe and adjust based on changing circumstances. If something shifts, you must be able to strategically adapt, essentially increasing your reach. While DMW pivoted, so did each of our team members and clients! Pace relates to our “rate of movement”. By being strategic with our timing, one can work to amplify their relevance. Partnerships relate to making use of your connections, and essentially growing/ strengthening ties between us and each of you. Finally, People have to do with your team. By truly investing in your team and offering each member space to “shine”, you can improve morale and enhance productivity and success. Building a team of people who are smarter than you and future-forward in thinking will move you right along to swift success.

Ultimately, at DMW, we incorporate all six Ps into our Digital-First operations. We keep a real-time ‘pulse’ on how consumers are feeling and adapting to new methods of connection. We continue to place our ‘purpose’ to tell compelling stories at the center of our agenda as we “pivot” our delivery and marketing toward digital. We enhance our ‘pace’ of response by prioritizing insights and strengthening our ‘partnerships’. In the end, this is all done through a core group of intelligent and talented ‘people’.

At DMW, we’re here to help you implement the 6 Ps. Contact for any inquiries!

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