Letter from CEO, Mark Rose: Addressing COVID-19

//Letter from CEO, Mark Rose: Addressing COVID-19

Letter from CEO, Mark Rose: Addressing COVID-19

In these challenging days, which are bound to become even more uncertain, we have a company-wide principle at Discover Mediaworks: Embrace adaptability. Every one of our team members and each of our internal brands are already equipped to adapt to unexpected circumstances as the world continues to evolve – with or without a pandemic.

We recognize that as priorities shift, developing messages and resilient stories are not a result of the COVID-19 dislocation, rather they are an opportunity that provides us as marketing partners a way of adapting to the changed needs of our consumers. Our mission and dedication to our clients remain unchanged.

When we launched this company back in 1987, we had a single brand, Discover Wisconsin, which we utilized to create marketing partnerships with destinations and sponsoring companies. As our clients’ companies grew, so did we. We now have three brands: Into the Outdoors celebrates 20 years and its 17th Emmy Award win this year. And Boondock Nation has been championing the benefits of “social distancing” for nearly four seasons now! Each series and its corresponding marketing partnerships came as a result of adapting to the needs of the communities in which we live, work, and play. We are blessed to be able to share our marketing experience with other external clients that trust us to tell their story and help build their consumer base which in turn, promotes their growth.

Our 30-plus storytellers are ready now to adapt to your current and immediate needs to ignite your story and share it with the audience you’re after. As we have over our 33 years in business, we are committed to placing ourselves at the center of the media and marketing communities to create change. That mission, we believe, is more important than ever, as our clients’ industries — tourism, agriculture, business— undergo the most profound challenge we have all faced in decades. Together, we will win.

Want to talk more?  I look forward to brainstorming with you.


Mark C. Rose

President and C.E.O.

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